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Taste is a kind of lifestyle. Ding Tea is an indispensable taste.

We believe and insist that the infinite possibility of tea no matter black tea or milk tea. Thus, we keep launching new products to make our franchisees grow and thrive. Since 2007, the founder has intended to promote the brand and Taiwanese tea culture to the world, created a new mainstream of exclusive drinks, and insisted on bringing consumers new and refined drinks.

We keep a close eye on our quality and never use overnight tea. Also, we emphasize freshly shaking tea and SOP standard to maintain same quality of each cup of tea.

In addition to the general tea options on the market, there are many unique popular items, such as Cactus green tea, Hokkaido milk tea, French iced tea, etc.

We believe that the quality of drinks is not only a requirement for our brand, but also a commitment to customers. Therefore, every employee of “Ding Tea” has received strict training and education.

Our principle is to promote our brand and Taiwanese tea culture all over the world. We focus on blending fresh tea, strict tea selection, exclusive and unique taste.